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Datum: 14. Dezember 2006 12:07:25 GMT+01:00

- although I do have to say that I think the dung is
probably an enormous red herring, if that isn't too
much of a mixed metaphor -the dung was what the media
picked up ( & I just realised on re-reading this how
unconsciously appropriate was my choice of the
preceding phrase), it's what the art market marketeers
loved. How crucial is it actually to what we see?...
in IMHO.. not very..I'd say it was icing on the cake
if that too was not rather..well.. unpalatable...
Ofili -a good man fallen amongst marketing..
warmest wishes

--- Martha Deed <mldeed1 at> wrote:

> There are collaborative issues that have not been
> fully elaborated in this entertaining dialogue
> between Michael and Millie. What of the elephant?
> Is there an authorship question buried here? Does
> the elephant even know that it has contributed to a
> great work of art? Has the prize money been shared
> with the elephant? Does the elephant's name appear
> in the catalog when its works are exhibited? Does
> the elephant support the use of a Creative Commons
> License? And Who by the way Is the elephant? Has
> it chosen, like Salinger, to seek anonymity by
> retiring to the hills of New England? Or has it
> fled to Tasmania due to the unwanted attention? I
> have Googled the elephant and can find no specific
> bio, only the scurrilous suggestion, that the
> elephant may actually be not one -- but several --
> inhabitants of the London Zoo.
> As a sometime-collaborator myself, I am concerned
> when a colleague's contributions are exploited by a
> co-collaborator whose work has found fame and
> fortune on the efforts of the unsung, unrecognized,
> unrecompensed (although this is speculation)
> co-creator.
> Martha Deed
> I'm especially sensitive to the last discussion
> because I have to disagree with you about Chris
> Ofili
> & elephant dung. I can take or leave the dung - in
> today's art world maybe anyone who wants to succeed
> in
> market terms needs a reducible-to- sound-bite USP &
> dung was his, but I find him a rich, fresh &
> interesting artist - have you seen any of his work
> actually in the paint'n'dung? It's Ofili good! I
> defy
> you to be unaffected!
> warmest wishes
> michael