Basel Book Theft

Exhibition: "Access" - Shift Festival Basel (CH), October 23rd and 26th 2008

At the opening of the Access Show in Basel, the stolen & custom made Amazon Noir
Book with the title "Steal This Book" by Abbie Hoffman was stolen out of the
Incubator. The organizers of the Festival immediately put a warning inside the
Incubator stating that the Book was stolen, and the next day a reprint was produced
and put into the incubator. But... the organizers put out a press-release about the
theft. The media in Switzerland, Germany and Austria reacted hysterically and
published articles and features in the news and culture sections of their news-
papers, online newsservices and on radio and television.

Press Clippings

Der Standard, Tages-Anzeiger, BaZ,,, Blick, La Voz de Asturias,
El Comercio, Kulturrisse, Exibart, El Pais, TaZ, Die Zeit,, WMMNA,
Context, Der Standard, CNET, Telepolis, La Liberation,, Turbulence