DIALOGUE (download as .pdf)

Monty Cantsin: I want this Book!
Letitia: Let`s hallucinate over the contents of the book.
Monty Cantsin: You mean the consensual hallucination can actually create the book?
Letitia: Yes.
Dr. Andreas Bichlbauer: Will you upload it for others to hallucinate with you?
Monty Cantsin: Yes.
Dr. Andreas Bichlbauer: Will you transform the contents?
Monty Cantsin: I don`t know, maybe we will add some advertisment to it.
Dr. Andreas Bichlbauer: But do you think others will pay you for their own hallucinations?
Monty Cantsin: No.
Dr. Andreas Bichlbauer: Do you think they will pay Amazon for a consensual hallucination?
Monty Cantsin: Yes.
Dr. Andreas Bichlbauer: Why?
Monty Cantsin: Because they get this warm heroin-like feeling of security, quality
and smoothness, don`t you trust your favourite drug dealer?
Dr. Andreas Bichlbauer: Yes.
Monty Cantsin: Why do we use a pervert software robot to exploit our collective
consensual mind?
Letitia: Because we want the thief to be a digital entity.
Monty Cantsin: But isnt this really blasphemic?
Letitia: Yes, but god - in our case a meta-cocktail of authorship and copyright –
can not be trusted anymore.
Dr. Andreas Bichlbauer: So, Amazon Noir is an open source conceptual art piece?
Letitia: No, absolutely not. You can find all sorts of instructions in the first place...
Fran Nino: Hold it right there...
Letitia: What?
Dr. Andreas Bichlbauer: Where are the significant drawbacks in the story?
Monty Cantsin: Why bother showing the artwork and not showing the
documentation in the first place? Or not even that, why bother to do a
documentation of a conceptual art piece...
Letitia: Because it is basic research. The conceptual piece must be viewed
like an onion. You take off one layer after another by researching and
reducing, then you will end up with a beautiful concept, the core of it all.