Media Hacking is generally described very vaguely as manipulation of media
technology. A more specific definition is the massive intrusion into mass
media channels with standard technology such as email or mobile
communications, mobile phones, etc... Usually these actions are carried
out within the legal realm - or at least in the twilight zone of international
law. Sometimes laws have to be challenged in order to update/optimize
the legal system. We have to judge for ourselves whether its unethical to do
so or its totally reasonable to put freedome of speech above an applieable law.

With such a cybernetic modus operandi – in the end only courage,
intelligence and basic technological know how is necessary – we can
achieve enormous reach and frequency in this age of the totally networked

Popular media hacking projects are the „Toywar“ ( )
by etoy and „Vote-auction“ by UBERMORGEN.COM.