PRESS-RELEASE Nov 15, 2006


All our work is done in the open. Our matter is accurate. Amazon Noir was
scripted as an auto-generated internet-movie. The whole digital action (media
hack) was carried out in the global massmedia, within the art world and on a
highly sophisticated technical level in the clandestine matrix of our global

Amazon USA, Amazon U.K., Amazon Germany and Amazon France were
vulnerable targets.  During the attack they transformed part of the
„Search Inside the Book“ technology to defend the rights of the copyright
holders - without actually solving the problem. Over 3000 Books were
downloaded and distributed through p2p (Peer-to-peer networks:
Gnutella/G2, BitTorrent, FastTrack, ed2k) between April - October 2006.

In July 2006 Amazon France and Amazon USA threatend to litigate.
The matter was resolved out of court October 30th, 2006. Amazon (USA/
France bought the Amazon Noir software for an undisclosed sum - both
parties signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Media Coverage (before settlement)

WMMNA (E): (E):
Turbulence (E):
CONT3XT/furtherfield Interview (E): interview.pdf
La Liberation (F): (NL)
UBERMORGEN Interview (E): we-make-money-not-art
Der Spiegel (D):
ORF (D):
Die Zeit (D):
ORF (D):
Telepolis (D)

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