THIEVES OF THE INVISIBLE (download as .pdf)

by UBERMORGEN.COM, Alessandro Ludiovicio vs. Polo Cerio

We have stolen the invisible.

Amazon, the motherly bookseller, always sensitive to her customer needs
like an affectionate friend, was outraged in her own intimate affects. her
most precious resource, an infinitely beautiful body of culture, able to
mesmerize your eyes for hours, was somehow deprived and exposed, after
we had eluded her copyright protection. Amazon had been a witty advisor
to millions of happy customers, and had spent the last decade researching
how to improve her service.

She had dedicated all her time and energy to building the best collection
of purchasable culture possible. She never wasted her time investing in
public mass advertising or in spamming the profiled potential new
customer. All she counted on and needed to count on was the grand
word of mouth that happy customers passed on one another.

That was a killer application – together with the software platform that
made books the center of an interrelated universe. She started then
to hyper-contextualize every piece of her inventory, researching the
overlaps of tastes her happy customers kind of anonymously displayed.
Furthermore, she incited customers to compile lists, review, comment,
discuss and tag all books. But all her love was finally expressed in
allowing users to peek into the inner side of her treasures: the original
texts. She worked hard from the beginning and even if many were
skeptical at first, she succeeded in realizing a new model: 'the imagined
book', more real than the one you would look at in a physical bookstore.

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