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how's it going? are you famous yet?
it puts me in mind of my daughter's male friends when she was about
15 -the boys would be forever videoing themselves doing sub jackass
stunts & that's what this is:- adultescent jackass-wannabes plus some
impressive, but essentially dull, computer skillz ...yawn...zzzz..zzzzzzzzz..
- although I do have to say that I think the dung is probably an
enormous red herring, if that isn't too much of a mixed metaphor...
you built a really smart (in many ways) and hypnotizing (practically and
aesthetically) mechanism.... download freaks will be happy. culture freaks
will be should go fetish and remix all the extracted books, and
share the remixes, too.
However, the Amazon Noir project, which consisted of subverting
Amazon's "Search Inside the Book" feature to reassemble and redistribute
entire books, then extorting money out of Amazon in exchange for not
publicizing the technique's details. This seems to me like a criminal act
more that conceptual art, but what bothers me most is that it is the kind
of behavior that destroys what is good about the Internet, namely the
easy availability of information for free....
ich möchte im Vorwege bereits darum bitten, mein bei Amazon
verfügbares Buch mit dem Titel „Gehirnwäsche für den Copytest“
nicht im Rahmen Ihres Projekts zu veröffentlichen.
At least here, we have had Arts budgets decimated for years when
a single Member of Congress or other public official discovers a
single work of Art (especially grant-receiving or prizewinning
Art) that offends him. On the other hand, I was a bit annoyed to have
The Brooklyn Museum put in jeopardy because of their morally
jutifiable but aesthetically bogus insistence on exhibiting a Madonna
adorned with elephant dung. And Amazon Noir is more in the elephant
dung camp than the Mapplethorpe camp.