Article: M/C-Journal: Piracy-Distribution-Control
Alessandro Ludovico at DEAF 07
"My own private Reality" Exhibition - Edith-Russ-Haus, May 11-31. 2007, Books&Slideshow
DEAF 07, video of the Amazon-Noir installation
DEAF 07, a guy was caught stealing "Steal this Book" Book from inside the DEAF baby incubator
Laboral Opening was fantastic, the new incubator (Draeger Medical Vienna) was exhibited
Share Festival (honorary mention for AN), for the first time: the incubator installation
AN received the IBM-Award for New Media, Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2007
7 sample books (from 3000) online
Presentation at Edith Russ Site for Media Art (Main Sponsor)
New Exhibition piece, Halle fuer Kunst Lueneburg (D), see here
CONT3XT/Furtherfield interview.pdf
Nominated for the Share Award
Presented at V2 Rotterdam and at CPH:DOX Copenhagen
Telepolis (D) Interview
Read some User Feedbacks/Communication here
Official Release (Press, Web), Nov 15, 2006
Release Dialogue and Thieves Text, Nov 15, 2006
Daniel Spiegelman (The Book Thief)
Out of court settlement with Amazon USA (non-disclosure), Oct 30, 2006
3000th book downloaded & distributed p2p, Sept 9, 2006
Spiegel Article, Sept 5, 2006
First cease-and-desist letter from (USA), Aug 5, 2006
1000th book downloaded, May 15, 2006
Bundeskanzleramt, .KUNST Sektion awards grant to AN, July 30, 2006
Stipendium Edith Russ-Site for Media Art, Press-Conference July 25, 2006 of Vienna (MA7) awards grant to AN, April 11, 2006
Start of the Project (robots, technical implementation), April 2, 2006
Doug Isenberg writes about Amazon Search Inside the Book" (C|NET)
Amazon announces "Search Inside the Book" function, Oct 23, 2003